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We are a leading Web Design & Web Development Services Company in Kaithal, Haryana. We have over a decade of experience in developing WordPress websites & managing cloud servers for clients in more than 10 countries. From setting up a basic blog to developing a full-fledged e-Commerce website, we offer various web services at affordable prices.

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We don’t do it all, we focus on what we do the best.

web design


With a decade-long experience working with WordPress, we know how to make efficient designs which not only look cool but also have UX rules covered. Providing a faster & more secure website is something that makes us different.

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Blog Setup

Trying to make an entry into professional blogging? Let our dedicated experts help you to get started with the best blog layout, image design, SEO & blogging tips, keyword research, and technical setup.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to success for an online business. Our forever evolving process of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO helps your website to rank better in the Google search and attract more organic traffic.

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Speed Optimization

Have a WordPress website and looking to speed it up? IMPEKA Professionals ensures the fine-tuning of the WordPress website and make your website the fastest possible by optimizing the Images, CSS/JS, and Fonts for better rendering.

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Web Hosting

We offer the fastest possible WordPress hosting setup including the latest versions of NGINX, PHP, MariaDB, fail2ban, WAF, CDN, and Redis with optimized configurations to tune your server for better networking, security, and traffic handling.

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Content Writing

Engaging and unique content is key to gaining rankings in the search engine. Our team of experienced content writers offers plagiarism-free, optimized and well-structured content for your website which is loved by Google too.

Our Process

We craft unique website designs and the process is distributed in different phases to ensure uniqueness and error-free frontend operations.





Who we are?

We are a dynamic web development company in Kaithal that takes your online presence to unprecedented heights. With our comprehensive suite of services, including SEO, Web Design, Hosting, and WordPress Speed optimization, we create engaging websites that captivate your audience and drive your business forward.

Our team of skilled experts crafts visually striking web designs tailored to your unique brand identity.

Coupled with our cutting-edge SEO strategies, we ensure your website ranks at the top, generating organic traffic and boosting your online visibility.

Experience lightning-fast loading times with our WordPress Speed services and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Trust us on this transformative journey and let your website become a masterpiece in the digital realm.

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Meet our team

It wouldn’t have been possible for IMPEKA to reach where we stand today if we didn’t have these hardworking team members in our team.

narender goyat narwana

Narender Goyat

Web Designer & Hosting Expert with more than 8 years of experience in designing WordPress sites and making them scalable.

bobby chahal bhaini majra

Bobby Chahal

SEO & Keyword Guru with 10 years of experience in running successful blogs with huge organic traffic.

saleem khan kaithal

Saleem Khan

Senior Content Manager with over a decade of experience in content writing and supervising a team of content writers.

gaurav kundu kaithal

Gaurav Kundu

Social Media Manager who creates awesome graphics and optimizes social media accounts for better reach and professional touch.


What our customers are saying about the web development services from IMPEKA


Web design

IMPEKA’s web design service exceeded my expectations. They crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly website that perfectly represents my brand. Their attention to detail and creativity truly set them apart.


Web Development

Mr Narender & his team transformed my ideas into a fully functional website. They are highly skilled, responsive, and delivered the project on time. I’m impressed with their technical expertise and professionalism.

Vivek Kaushik


SEO services by IMPEKA significantly improved my website’s visibility and organic traffic. Their strategies are effective, and my search engine rankings have soared. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to boost their online presence.

Anna Ferguson

Blog Setup

I worked with IMPEKA for setting up a blog for me and it was a seamless and hassle-free experience. They implemented all the necessary features, making it easy for me to start writing and sharing my content.

Rohit Gupta

WordPress Optimization

WordPress optimization service by IMPEKA has dramatically improved my website’s speed and performance. They optimized my plugins, database, and code, resulting in a faster and more efficient site. Great job!

Jen Desouza

Web Hosting

IMPEKA’s web hosting service is top-notch. My website is always up and running smoothly, thanks to their reliable servers and excellent customer support. I have peace of mind knowing my online presence is in good hands.

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